Monday, May 10, 2010

Out of the abyss !!!

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was this beautiful woman. She was smart , witty and popular. She had many followers , many of whom she never met . She loved getting the attention. But then one day another man from a different world saw a bright light from a distance and walked towards it beckoning lost souls ...only to realize she was the one glowing. At that time, he had no direction in his life and his breath was getting shallower. His darkness was quickly swallowed by her radiant aura.  He became intoxicated with her ... just like the other men and had on many occasions fall prey to her scent. But one day something happened, this drifter had somehow managed to reach the abyss of her soul and tear drops started to flow down from her cheeks as in a river looking for the sea. They looked like stars dropping from the heavens. It seems like a veil was lifted off her face just for a second just enough for this stranger to see that she was herself a prisoner and tormented by her fears .....she was lonely despite all her friends which all were somewhat imaginary. They belonged to a world devoid of touch. It was her only distraction from  her sorrows. That lonely traveler got up and walked towards her to wipe away her tears and to to say his final goodbye,  otherwise he himself was losing his grip on his own sanity. He kinda felt sorry for her whether she knew of it or not. Both were trying to write their destiny ...both had restless hearts of the same beat. One day, that lonely traveler had the wind at his back and walked into the sunset never to be seen again hoping that one day...she would be ok.