Friday, March 26, 2010

The kiss of death...

What if i told you a story. Come along for the back and relax...
It all started with finding myself walking along the shoreline. i don't know how i got there, but there i was.
It was a beautiful day, the sun's rays bouncing off the water and in the near distance i saw a few dolphins bobbing their heads up and down. I got the feeling that they were there to witness some kind of event. I noticed i didn't have any sandals on, but the sand was not hot. It's like i was floating on air. As i continued to walk , i saw a woman sitting in the distance. She had the most beautiful golden hair that was somehow performing a kind of dance with the wind. As i approached her, i noticed that she was smiling at me. She had such a radiant smile you could ever imagine. I felt  a warm feeling all the way down to the depth of my soul. I knelt down to kiss her on the forehead. I then lay my head on her lap and found myself drifting away so slowly. She kissed me on the lips and whispered not in words but in thoughts not to be afraid. Suddenly i felt an overwhelming peace travel down to the essence of my being. I then closed my eyes for the last time capturing her smile along for the journey. I am free... I am finally going home...At that instant, a loud thunder shattered the darkness of the night sky and awakened me from my other world to realize i was on my bed having a was only a dream. My journey would have to wait then. So long heavenly messenger, until we meet again...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday, i was called for jury duty. I have always thought that the justice system is unfair and many times the punishment does not fit the crime. I have seen well to do or people with connections get away with a lot of things. The regular guy charged with similar crimes would be locked up for a long time. As i walked into the courtroom , i saw the defendant seating with his lawyers. He was a black male charged with home invasion with a firearm. The judge read the charges to us . He had 4 counts of felony against him. But what struck me the most is that the judge kept repeating that this man was to be assumed to be innocent until the prosecution can prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense had to do nothing . They could just seat there and not respond to any of the charges because the burden is on the prosecution. As i see it the burden is on the defense to instill a reasonable doubt into the jurors mind. I think it is the other way around , he is presumed guilty and it is up to his defense to beat the charges or lessen his punishment. Luckily i was not chosen to be on the jury ...i guess my answers to the prosecutors and the defense that i would not stand for a criminal if he is guilty nor for the law if they are trying to shape it to their likings, in other words corrupt people of the government. And the game continues and the innocent gets caught in the net many times...Hooray for liberty !!! (sarcasm)

Monday, March 15, 2010


As i am sitting in my backward, a sunny day with bright blue sky and a cool breeze that ruffles my hair whatever is left of it anyway , the tree swaying to the force of the wind . I came across this quote today and i thought how it fits my mood of the day. It's from the Cree Indian tribe.

Only when the last tree is cut; only when the last river is polluted; only when the last fish is caught; and only when there is no breath of fresh air left ; only then people will realize that you cannot eat money.” - Cree proverb

The earth certainly cannot sustain the destruction that the human race is afflicting on it, and one day we would probably become extinct due to our plunder of this gift, planet earth is. We have become a society of needs and self-interests that we are so oblivious to so many people going hungry everyday and children dying of preventable diseases because we are after our financial gain. I have looked down on the face of a hungry child and do you know what i saw; nothing short of what innocence once felt like. it is such a terrible feeling to see the face of a starving child , it wreaks havoc upon your soul to witness such a need. Am i naive so much to hope that one day, no one on this earth will go hungry ; i think it is probably wishful thinking.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am alive !!!

I am on a mission , i am trying to free my heart from pain and yet if i succeed i would totally be unable to love and without love, life has no i must regress and accept my fate. I am alive so therefore i feel !!!