Monday, January 11, 2010

The irony of life !!!

 I see a lot of people posting on their FB status that they wish a cure for cancer. It brought back memories of my own battle with cancer. I still remember the moment my doctor told me I had cancer. No matter how tough you think you are , at that particular instant you become aware that life is so precious and wish you had more time. Isn't it always like that? We get distracted by the pleasures of life which are so minimal that we tend to forget its true meaning. Luckily for me, I suppose ,I'm still here obviously writing this and thankful to my creator for prolonging my life. The idea that it may return is never far from my mind. I think once you have been told that you have never really leaves your thoughts...never. Ultimately, we all have to die from something and I am now a different person not because I had cancer but because I am now at peace with the day I will take my last breath. So many people worry about trivial & petty stuff that I get upset when I read them. I am so incline to answer them but I hold myself back because I see no purpose in bringing light to their ignorance. For them their lives are what it should be regardless of life's reality or so it seems.


  1. Don't forget the insurance

  2. lol...thanks for keep on reminding me.