Saturday, July 31, 2010

The point of no return !!!

I keep having the same dream over & over again....I found myself on a sailboat sailing away with no bearing in particular....just splashing waves. Not forgetting the fact i come alive when the ocean and I meet. On occasions, not surprised by this phenomenon, my dolphins friends are always in tow. The wind is so calming and the water so majestic that one truly feels part of the universe. At night, oh...the heavens are lit up . The shiny moon is just at my reach and the stars are like little eyes watching over me. Where am I heading ?.... I asked the ocean. At that instant , the wind whistles a tune to the sails and they flapped as if someone or something had guided them to do so. I am not alone....i whispered. I feel at peace . I am not afraid. As the night lifts up its veil and brings up the rising sun with its rays bouncing over the water and reflecting some type of shadow, more like ghost like. Is it my guardian angel ?

After many days and many nights or more like months i felt my destination was unreachable.  Then one day, don't remember what day it was,  i stare in the distance and found myself looking at some sort of an island . All indications tell me that there is not suppose to be an island there but there it is. Is it a mirage ? Am i hallucinating ?  The wind then picked up more force taking the boat faster like i had a rendez-vous with fate. I made my way on shore , it seemed unreal but the sand was doubt about it. The trees were like a forest and fruit trees at every glance...where had all this come from ?  Walking inward to look further....i came upon the most undescribable water falls....just picture it for a moment....the water was coming out of the mountain like it was some sort of fireworks...i had the feeling of when i found myself dancing & singing  in the rain....breathtaking...I let out a big yeahhhhhh....and guess what....a bunch of different types of animals starting appearing out of nowhere like magic...horses, zebras, elephants, lions, monkeys, birds and so on and on and what's weird they all were getting along...there was no king amongst them. Circling up in the sky were hundreds and hundreds of doves...oh...what a should have seen it....just divine. What does it all mean ? " i don't know " answered the awareness watching the dream unfold. But why does it haunt me on many of nights ? still no answer. The doves are still dancing  up above... Then i walked back in the direction of the path i came from and noticed that the boat was gone. What was happening to me ? I wondered if i ever came here on a boat...was i stranded here forever ? i was like in a fantasy world. How would i leave ?  i kinda love it here but am i suppose to stay? " Reality is sometimes harsh and life not fair"....says the awareness " but you belong to the real world and return you must"  i asked...."you will figure it always do "  said a strange voice. How many of us were in this dream?  Perhaps my unconscious is forming a personality that is not I,  but which is insisting on coming through.

To tell you the truth , i did not want to leave the island. Secretly , the awareness was wishing that I could not find a way off this dream world....oh what torture it is ... I had never felt so free and alive like this before. I felt like i was an intricate part of the fabric that makes up the universe...the state of mind where you know this is why you are alive... And the most important detail of this story is that there were no humans around to pass judgments...this dream world was off limits to humans because if they were allowed on the island , they would ruin everything made out of pure love ....the lion would then become a king, the land exploited, envy , greed , hate and pride would be in their hearts....survival of the fittest would be rewarded.... " You have learned a valuable lesson this time around, you recognized evil for what evil is , now go back and live your dreams " said the strange voice.

As darkness was slowly drifting away and light embracing the air, i awoke from that amazing world. I wondered if ever i would return....only the night knows...only the night !!!

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  1. Yes that's right only the nights will know if we will return to the world of our dreams.

    the words were so magnificent, i could smell the ocean, and see the animals caring for each other, spreading love, life, and peace in that island.

    oh.. I wish that I never get up for that dream, but eventually we have to come back to reality, but we can carry this dream with us in every step we take in our life :)

    we can bring life to our dreams and make them real by giving and caring about others :)

    thanks a lot for your inspiration and thoughts :)