Thursday, September 30, 2010

~ Trapped ~

On many of occasions, I find myself on the edge of madness.
Am I more than a collection of memories or might you prefer a reflection of your thoughts.
How do you tame an untamed heart? It is I suppose constantly beating on its own.
When my sleep comes,  my torments will cease... until then I seek an illusion.
Everything ever created, every blood pulsating through my veins, finds its demise at the last breath.
I guess today my vision is blurred... once again.
Yet another dawn... I step over the line.When does it ever end ?


  1. Until you master yourself...and face the darkness within without running away and no longer fear living or dying...than the illusions fall away. Not just to have possibility, but a new reality. Thank you for the visit. It takes imagination to create peace, in the seeds of fear lie the destruction of man. We should seek to know and understand...the what ifs along the way of life along the way and not measure them, but live them. They just are.

  2. To rid oneself of all fears is an impossibility.One must have balance to function in this amazing universe.My new reality is another form of an illusion that my mind projects... I reckon.
    I seek wisdom and knowledge of trying to comprehend the perception of my existence.
    Although I concede it could be a futile endeavor but nonetheless my mind goes on tireless in its pursuit. Thank you for your insights :)