Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday, i was called for jury duty. I have always thought that the justice system is unfair and many times the punishment does not fit the crime. I have seen well to do or people with connections get away with a lot of things. The regular guy charged with similar crimes would be locked up for a long time. As i walked into the courtroom , i saw the defendant seating with his lawyers. He was a black male charged with home invasion with a firearm. The judge read the charges to us . He had 4 counts of felony against him. But what struck me the most is that the judge kept repeating that this man was to be assumed to be innocent until the prosecution can prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense had to do nothing . They could just seat there and not respond to any of the charges because the burden is on the prosecution. As i see it the burden is on the defense to instill a reasonable doubt into the jurors mind. I think it is the other way around , he is presumed guilty and it is up to his defense to beat the charges or lessen his punishment. Luckily i was not chosen to be on the jury ...i guess my answers to the prosecutors and the defense that i would not stand for a criminal if he is guilty nor for the law if they are trying to shape it to their likings, in other words corrupt people of the government. And the game continues and the innocent gets caught in the net many times...Hooray for liberty !!! (sarcasm)

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