Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the path to life !!!

On a real gloomy day with thick clouds all over the tapestry of the sky, I got the sense that the day was a reflection of my inner being. I was walking alone in a forest not quite knowing where the trees would lead me. I surely did not think this was a dream because it started to rain and i could feel the water crashing on my face . Deep down I sensed I was suppose to be following a path that will take me to a magical place. It was waiting for me to show up.

As i approached a pond , i found a most amazingly beautiful white horse drinking from it. What was it doing there in the middle of the forest ? If this was a dream, I would have said this horse fell from the heavens. It raised its head and the eyes were twinkling like the stars. I suspect it could actually read my thoughts. I felt the need to go towards it. As I started to run my hand across its smooth skin, it kind of made a bobbing motion to hop on to help me complete my journey.

I then went gently trotting in the forest with my new companion, trusting her to know my destination. After a while, I started to find myself in a field of beautiful flowers of all sorts, like some kind of a secret garden in the forest. And the weirdest thing was the sky was getting brighter and brighter as i made my way in, the rain was no longer and the sun was making its way through. I picked up a sound coming amidst the garden, a distant musical sound. As i came closer, I saw this radiant woman playing the piano and all around her butterflies. They were everywhere in the garden flying in tune with her music. The sun's rays bouncing off from her hair and her skin looked so smooth. She was wearing this silky white dress that seemed to be floating on her. She was the most beautiful woman i ever laid eyes on. It was a moment frozen in time that took my breath away. Was I in the presence of an angel ? At that instant, she turned to me and smiled. I felt so alive, like my heart was about to explode. Who was she ? As I walked slowly in her direction, the music was just phenomenal, like the air and the sounds were one.

When I got closer I became mesmerized by her beauty, and then suddenly, she stopped playing. She looked up at me and smiled again. Who are you ? I whispered. She then answered with the most soothing voice " I am life...I've been expecting you ". And as I bent forward to embrace her, a peculiar thing started to unfold. Everything before my eyes started slowly to dissipate into the thin air, including her. She was a figment of my vivid imagination... a mirage after all. As I now stood alone in the forest, I tell you this, I will never forget that moment. I called her name but I got no answer. I looked up to the sky wishing it wasn't so, but then it started to rain again.
So long my friend...

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  1. To be honest,, the Topic is phenomenal I loved it,, really I did :)

    the journey to the forest was great, I imagined it in every step, like I was really in you that forest. The feelings were so honest and deeply effecting.

    As for the horse, the idea to picture it was amazing, I loved the shape of it also the white color of it :)

    Everything was beautiful. The music, the piano, the sun, the white dress, and the rain.

    Hope to see more of your beautiful articles. Thanks a lot for your true sense of pure peace :) :)