Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stepping over the ledge !!!

My mind wanders...Am i nothing but a thought ? 
 Empty words carried by the wind...fall on bleeding hearts.
  Chasing my breath...the hour at last.
   Drowning in darkness....my soul on fire.
    Journey to the unknown...sanity on the run.
     The fatal wound...the last drop...shadow retreats.
       Wind at my back...angels lend a hand.
         It is time...fly...fly... you are free.


  1. Woooow !!!
    this is beautiful :)

    I felt like i was flying while going through these words :)

    "my mind wanders..Am i nothing but a thought?" this is a Wooow thign really, i loved it.

    waiting for the next one :)

  2. Even if we are but a character in a dream...the best thing to do is to just be...